Vision and Mission


Vision: Our vision is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the rich values and traditions of Kerala while providing a healthy physical, social, spiritual and economic environment for the Rockland and Hudson Valley Malayalees in New York. HVMA would like to immerse every Malayalee in a celebration of our culture and heritage.


  • To aggressively promote and uphold the culture, heritage and values of Malayalees in and around the Rockland and Hudson Valley in New York area
  • To plan and organize cultural events aimed at improving the social, educational and other humanitarian services of the Malayalee community
  • To foster and enhance the Malayalee community’s longstanding love affair with the Malayalam language
  • To plan and host periodic meetings that allow the members to network, learn and share their personal experiences
  • To increase cross cultural understanding and promote cultural diversity and co-operation
  • To co-operate with similar organizations in their quest for maintaining the heritage of Kerala